Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Progress

Life is busy and I don't always find time to post on my blog. Instead I spend my free time actually quilting, knitting or creating in some manner. That is my outlet for busyness/stress. 
With that said, I am going to try to, at least, post a Weekly Progress update. 

This week I worked hard on finishing the top for a baby quilt I have been working on. The pattern is Building Fun by Geta's Grama
 It reminds me of these wooden blocks we had for building so I wanted to use similar colors. 
Remember these?
Here is my interpretation using Kona colors:

I did eliminate the borders around each block and made the borders 2 1/2" instead of 3 1/2".
I have a few quilts to work on before this one gets quilted Ü

I also worked on my February Art Journal for the 365 day challenge. 
I am having so much fun creating these calendars with mixed media. Since I am a quilter, for the most part, I am using fabric (from my stash Ü). The hearts in the balloon bouquet and the 2 hanging hearts are scrapbook stickers and the lace bow is from my stash left over from my doll making days. I am stamping the days of the week and the numbers. For writing on each day I have been using micron pens. 
If you want to be inspired, go here to see more.

And finally I sandwiched my Craftsy BOM quilt. Yay! Pictures soon!
What have you been working on?


  1. The buildings pattern is very clever. The colours in your quilt are perfect. Another very pretty journal calendar. I have just started scheduling ahead with my blog posts so I can add a bit of news when I get a chance over several days.

  2. Dawn, your building blocks quilt top is delightful. I do remember those blocks. And your February calendar journal looks fabulous!

  3. I love the Building Blocks quilt! It would make a darling gift for any new baby boy. Very clever...Going to go Pin it. =)


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