Friday, June 21, 2013

Sewing from Mom's Sewing/Craft Room

For quite awhile now, my mom, 83, has been having more difficulty working on sewing and craft projects. Her hands hurt and she doesn't see like she use to...
and it is frustrating to her. She loves her crafts! She loves buying kits, and panels, fabric and patterns to make for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, to donate and occasionally, something for herself. So her sewing/craft room is packed full of UFO's...some started but many never touched. 
One of my brothers has been after her to go through her things, sort them and start cleaning out. A bit overwhelming for my mom. 
So now that school is out and I have a bit more time, I offered to start going through her room with her. 
Last Thursday, we made a dent but there is much to go. We loaded a box of things she is not ready to give up, a box for me to take home to work on, a box for the rest of my siblings to look through, and one to donate. 
So far, I completed 11 Christmas ornaments kits so my mom will have them ready for our annual family exchange,
and this soft book which I will bring to my niece that had a baby in May, 
 (There are 12 soft pages.)
(She has many of these soft books panels but I only took this one. The rest will probably be donated.) 
and she had 2 panels of these retro linen kitchen towel panels. 

(Love the retro feel of these 2 prints.)
which I cut apart and stitched with a narrow hem. 
Not sure who will get these but I thought they were cute. 

While I was finishing projects, I pulled out one of my own. I saw this project on pinterest 2 summers ago, bought a pair of cheap flip flops and then never made them. So this morning, I cut apart the flip flops,
enlarged the holes on the bottom,
got out my t-shirt yarn that I previously made,
and started a 5 strand braid,
threaded through the holes, knotted, and glued
And now I have a comfortable pair of flip flops! Unfortunately, it was storming here today so inside pictures today.


  1. Wow, what a treasure trove! Love those kitchen towels. And LOVE the flip flop idea, I never would have thought of that! :)

  2. It`s wonderful that you are helping your mother. And it is a great treasure in more ways than you can imagine. Cool flip flop idea too.

  3. Now Orange you special :) The flip flops look comfy.

    Some day my girls will be doing the same thing for me that you are doing for your mom..... however None of my girls like to sew so everything will likely be donated. Guess I'd better get a move on! When you are creative you are never bored that I know. That is the upside of it all. I'm anxious to see more completed projects.

  4. Your flipfops are great. And I love the retropanels too. Never seen panels like that here in Holland before.

  5. I am so sorry your mother can no longer do the things that she obviously had enjoyed. It is so kind of you to help her as you are doing by going through her stuff with her and by making some of the things for her. I have decided that I am no longer going to be sewing for myself and will be doing more quilting, so in preparation for our move from Illinois to Alabama I got rid of thousands of dollars of fashion fabrics. What a job! Anyway, I am not writing about me, but about quilt possibilities. I bought a panel for a soft book and made a quilt for one of my granddaughters. It was about Cinderella, and she was into princesses. All I did was cut apart the pages and used setting strips between them. It turned out really cute, and my granddaughter loved it. You said that your mother had severalo such panels, and I was wondering if you would want to use any to make a quilt. Nancy:

  6. What a sweet daughter you are to your mom :0)!! Love the little snowman and all of your projects. Those flip flops are too cute :)!! Also love the hexies and your adorable bag - way to complex for me to try - yours turned out beautifully!!


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