Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shows and more!

Last weekend, after a couple of years absence, The International Quilt Festival returned to Chicago/Rosemont which is 10 minutes away from my house! Little compares to the quality of this festival. The quilt shows were fabulous and the vendors a plenty. 
I love to start off walking through the show to get inspiration and be awed by the beautiful art. Although I took quite a few pictures I will share only a few. As I was walking through the show I quickly noticed this quilt and immediately knew who it belong to. Although I have seen her work many times on her blog, seeing her signature style in person was amazing!
A World of Many Colors by Georgeta Grama

I loved the perspective in this quilt. It really gave the feeling of walking down an alley with graffiti walls.
Amsterdam Alley:The Shortcut Between by Leslie Tucker Jenison

I was attracted to the colors and piecing of this quilt. I love the use of hexagons and the secondary design that is made.
Details of Catena by Timna Tarr.

This clever piece was made from candy wrappers...Pixie sticks, Skittles, Reese's Pieces, Starbursts and more!
Appropriately named, Sweet Blooms by Pat Kroth. 

The use of color and the shape of a Tuning Fork arranged every which way really caught my eye. 
Tuning Fork #6 by Heather Pregger

One of the exhibits was called Chicowgo. I just thought that some of these were just so clever. Gotta love the play on words!
  by Mary MacNeil
 (I took VanGogh's Cow for my daughter who teaches Art)
 by Mel B McFarland
 by Connie Donaldson
 by Mel B McFarland

This past Thursday, I was fortunate to attend a lecture and trunk show by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She is well know for her blog, book and modern quilt theory, 15 minutes of play. She also won Best of Show at Quiltcon this year with her modern take of the double wedding ring quilt. It was amazing and honoring to meet her. 
Here are some of her quilts she shared.
Her grandmother's quilt where she got her inspiration.
 15 minutes of play made fabric
Everything but the kitchen sink quilt.

 Mixing antique blocks and blocks made from Made Fabric.

 Playing with stripes.
If you ever get the opportunity to hear Victoria speaks I would recommend it!

Here is her cow quilt...could have fit in the Chicowgo show!

So what else have I been doing? 
I have spent some time in my sewing room but since this post is already quite long I will only share my July Art Journal page which is ready for Monday! 
The rest will wait for another day!
Can you believe that July is just around the corner? 
My page is a little predicable with the 4th of July being the main attraction of the month. Without further adieu...My July Calendar.
Here is the link to see what some other's are doing.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. Some of the quilts are awesome.

  2. A beautiful collection of quilts. The cow quilts are always so fun to see. Your calendar may be predictable of the red white and blue, but the rest is not! I love your alternating stars and stripes blocks! That is a great idea!

  3. Dawn, I have been following Victoria for awhile on her 15 minute play blog. She is amazing. Love what she creates. And the favorite part of your post.... the cows.... they made me smile. Yes July is tomorrow HELP! Exercising is taking it's toll in other things not getting done. I have a couple more BOM blocks done and a few other little things to sweeten the home front. ON a Happy exercise note... I have gotten below the 160 lbs. HURRAY HURRAY!!!!!! I am claiming to have removed 8 lbs from this girly body. Now it seems that the weight might want to come off a little quicker now that it knows I'm serious about this exercise thing. Just Got to keep moving! Take care

  4. So glad to see you made it to the quilt festival. I heard about it and wondered if you would be able to go. Thanks for sharing the photos. Those are some amazing quilts.

    (save me a snowman.... :)


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