Saturday, January 7, 2017

A New Challenge

I found a new challenge (new to me) by reading a couple of blogs this week. 
Apparently this is season 8 of the challenge...I'm glad I finally found it! 
It is hosted by Persimmon Dreams and the theme for the first challenge is: 
Eight is Great!
The challenge must be completed in 1 week. This challenge was announced on January 1st and therefore must be complete and posted by January 8th at noon. 
I think I'm just in the nick of time...not much room to spare. 
I wasn't sure if I would participate since I have so many projects going right now but I love a challenge so....
Gr8 is a pillow/cushion. It is 24" square. 
I pieced the G and R and paper pieced the 8 using a navy pin dot fabric from my stash and some Kona. The pillow form has been in my quilting room for quite some time. Feeling good about using things I have. 
I hope this year is a GR8 year! 


  1. Well done Dawn the cushion looks fantastic,what a lovely finish.

  2. Love your GR8 pillow! Now let's don't talk about how many projects we have going at all times. LoL. I'm looking forward to watching you and how the rest of this challenge goes along. Have fun!

  3. Love the pillow!! This is either year 4 or 5 of Project Quilt for me!! I finish so much and get soo much creativity from it!

  4. Finishing old projects is overrated! PQ is such a great way to flex the ol' creative muscles and refresh. Nice project!

  5. I love your GR8 pillow! So happy you found the challenge and you're joining in the fun! I have a hard time saying no to a challenge too ... even when I'm crazy busy!

  6. love it... doing what we can in the time limit! yes!


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