Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Project Quilting ~ Challenge 2

The second challenge for Project Quilting was announced last Sunday 
~ Carolina Lily.  
I really wasn't much of a fan but a challenge is a challenge!
 So I set myself doing a little google research. 
I didn't want to do a traditional block so I decided I would do a more modern version focusing on the blossom. 
I drew up a 6" paper pieced block on graph paper. 
I made 3 of the blossoms this size in a bright yellow orange (Kona paprika) with the bottom triangle being a bright green (Kona grass). To make the colors pop, I set them on a black background. 
While playing on my design wall with the layout I decided to make one more block that was 8" in size. So I enlarged the 6" block to 8" and using the same colors made one more block. 
After finalizing a layout, I began the puzzle of fitting in the remaining background pieces. 
This is what I came up with in the end.
The layout gave me plenty of negative space to practice some FMQ. I followed several tutorials from Lori over at The Inbox Jaunt. I used 3 different colors of threads, black, green, and bright yellow. 
You can see the quilting better from the back (besides the yellow Ü)
This little quilt finishes at 20" x 22"
Linking up to Project Quilting at Persimmon Dreams.
Created in Des Plaines, IL


  1. I love the layout you decided on! And your color choices are terrific too. Love this quilt.

  2. gorgeous! This is stunning! Love the quilting too!

  3. Great little piece. I love that it's your own. And I am a fan of assymetry.

  4. The quilting is wonderful. I've been determined to join this challenge, but never seem to come up with an idea on time. I love the way you interpreted it. The bright colors on the black background look fabulous.

  5. Your quilting is awesome! your piece is lovely

  6. You definitely had fun with the quilting on this beauty!

  7. Love your modernization, and your quilting is wonderful!


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