Wednesday, February 28, 2018

T-shirt quilt

I have started the t-shirt quilt that I posted about last time. This will be for a close family friend. The oldest daughter is graduating from high school in May. Many years ago, I told her mom to save t-shirts so that I could make a t-shirt quilt for her graduation and now it is right around the corner! How time flies!

I didn't take pictures of the pile of t-shirts that I received before I anxiously started working on the project. The first thing I did was to measure the printed areas of the t-shirts that I was going to use. Then I translated those numbers to graph paper and cut out little paper blocks and started to arrange them to see how they fit together and where I needed fillers. 
The 2 blank areas are reserved for 2 t-shirt that I'm waiting to receive. 
The next step I took was to cut (slightly oversized) the t-shirt areas and some lightweight fusible interfacing for each piece. I ironed it on the back to stop the stretch of the t-shirt material. 
Here ↑ is what is cut and on the design wall so far 
and here ↓ is the pile with the few that I still need to cut. 
Before sewing the blocks together, I will rearrange some to balance out the size and colors as best I can. 
I'm enjoying the process so far! Hopefully my machine will like it too! Sewing 
with t-shirt fabric is very different than quilting fabric!

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  1. Dawn, I love all the different sized blocks there are. Looking forward to seeing it all put together.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    You are making great progress on your t-shirt quilt! I plan to get back to mine this coming week if all works out. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I love how you used graph paper to help figure out the layout! I haven't been brave enough to try a t-shirt quilt yet. Yours is looking fantastic!


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