Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back from my trip!

Well I promised to let you know what I found while with my husband on his business trip.  Oh, it was quite wonderful!  My first stop was Pine Needles Sewing Center.  This was a lovely bright shop with lots of beautiful fabrics.  Since it was my first, I had a hard time trying to decide what to buy.  I found a very cute bag but they didn't sell the pattern.  It was from Moda made with a line a fabric that they carried.  So I am in search of a bag similar...but I bought this fabric (words) for the lining.  I am also collecting soft pinks and I found a lovely one here.

Next up was the Cottage Rose.  This shop is much smaller but oh so quaint.  The first thing I noticed was Moda's Blush line of fabric.  I already purchased a charm pack of this line just to see it and feel it.  I needed more!  So here is what I got.

I also picked up 2 pieces for my Lincoln Logs stash from their sale room.  The owner also designs some of her own patterns that I really did like.  Need to keep them in mind for another time!

And on to Connie's Quilt Shop just a few blocks away in a little house that is packed with fabric in every room (even the bathtub)!  Too much eye candy to see and touch!  I added to my pinks, my Lincoln Logs stash, and some lovely turquoise, yellows and grays.  

I found a cute little coffee shop in town, so I took a little break (picture later).  That's when my husband called and said he was done.  Already?  SO....I took my husband back to Connie's because I found some backings that I thought he might like for the Mariner's Compass.  He chose one!  After that, we just browsed around some antique stores in Marion.  And treasures we found!  More pictures later!  

If you are ever in the Cedar Rapids area, stop by these lovely shops!  Everyone was so friendly!

And when I got home, a package was waiting for me!  My first ever win! From the March Friday Night Sew-In sponsored by Heidi and Bobbi.  

What's inside?  Some beautiful fabric and the cutest pin cushion handmade by Heidi.  Take a look!

Thanks Heidi!

Now I need to get busy in my sewing room!  

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  1. congrats mom!

    i love those fabrics! you really hit the jackpot.

    i'm excited to see you this weekend!


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