Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In results and a little more!

Did you join in the fun for last night's FNSI?  Here are the things I accomplished.  Again not quite as much I hoped but nonetheless, I did accomplish something!

I finished stitching the February block for the Birdie Stitchery BOM.  I am caught up with a week to spare before the next block is released! 
This is a good thing!

I also finished Block 8 for Block-A-Palooza - Basket of Geese!
This block is a applique block - a change from all the pieced blocks.  

I chose to machine applique the geese with a small blanket stitch and the basket with a zigzag applique stitch. 

 I like how this block is so different from the rest but fits right in.  
Take a look!  

To be honest, I am a little out of my comfort zone.  
I not used to purchasing fabric and making a quilt without knowing the end results. I chose not to use the fabric that the designers were using - even though it is among my favorites right now - I didn't want to spend the money not knowing what this quilt would look like. 
 Are you like this or do you like a mystery?
 So I chose the line Sips of Summer with a few other fabrics mixed in to round things out.
After the first few blocks, I really could not see how this quilt would come together...but as I add's pulling itself together. 
What do you think?    

On a final note, I would like to send my thanks to my mug rug swap partner, Heather Spence.
 Aren't they cute!  Love the shoe!

I'm off to my sewing room! Hope you enjoy your day!


  1. Great FNSI! I love the Block-A-Palooza - Basket of Geese! I have to get started on mine. Your blocks look great.

    Angie -

  2. I'm with you Dawn. I'm totally 'chicken' when it comes to mystery quilts. I would at least want to know the colour scheme. Your machine appliqué is very good, I always have trouble with my turns. Love your birdie stitchery too.

  3. I'm like you too Dawn when it comes to mystery quilts. Guess that's why I don't do many. Love how your blocks are turning out..they look wonderful.

  4. I love the embroidered bird block, it's so cute! Great job on the basket block, too.

  5. I love what you have gotten done. I've downloaded the Block-a-palooza patterns but haven't started them. Hugs

  6. Great block. I have not been doing that one as I do not like flying geese. But I like Block 8.

    Love your mug rugs as well.

  7. Love all of your blocks and mug rugs...

  8. So many are working on their birdie blocks this week. I love how they are turning out. I chose a different BOM to follow so I am not doing that one. Your other blocks look great!

  9. Love your stitchery - so cute! And, I love all of your blocks - I think they're coming together really nicely - going to be a really pretty quilt!! Yes, I'm like you - a bit hesitant when I'm not sure what the quilt will look like. Cute mug rugs - enjoy!!

  10. Hi Dawn..I´m not sure about you have got my my mail back from you from mailer daemon about my mail was stopped as spam...
    But I just want to say a huge big thanks for the gifts and mug rygs you sent to me... :-)
    Hugs, Helle


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