Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day 2!

Just a quick update on how I spent my 2nd Snow Day.  I have  been slowly working on this very cute wallhanging...Give Thanks Jenny of Elefantz.  
I would do some stitchery when I wasn't in my sewing room or working on the extreme wedding dress makeover.  Now that the wedding dress is done, I and I caught up on the Block-A-Palooza blocks, I concentrated on getting the stitchery done.  

The first verse is hanging in its spot and the second verse is now being stitched.  Yay! I love getting things finished! And I really like how this turned out.  

I also completed the 4th Block-A-Palooza block...Gingham Pinwheel by Cherry House Quilts.  

One final is a picture of my blizzard 2011 casualty.

Before I really started quilting, I use to make these little garden banners to hang out in my front garden.  I made one for just about every holiday, birthday, season or celebration.  They are actually hand quilted using a preprinted fabric (the snowman).  
This one was hanging in the garden and was swept away with the gale force winds we had Tuesday night.  20.2" of snow later, I realized it was gone and probably buried under the snow somewhere down my street.  
As the snow was being cleared by my neighbor and his handy snowblower, guess what he found? banner was picked up by the blades of that snowblower and spit out.  My neighbor was kind enough to bring my little snowman back to me. 
Although I really liked my cute little snowman banner, I am grateful that he was our only casualty of the blizzard of 2011.


  1. You got a lot done on your snow days. I really like the wall cute.

  2. It took 2 1/2 days and I am finally plowed out. I too am from the Chicago area. I kept busy working on a reverse applique quilt that I am presently working on. I love the snow days as I get so more sewing done with no interuptions.

  3. LOVE your give thanks!! TOO CUTE! So sorry about your casualty - hope you can fix him, he's really cute too. What a great idea BTW - I may have to give it a try.


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