Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Manifest and more text and picture blocks

Today I would like to present Manifest!
In the beginning of April, my youngest daughter ask me if I could 'try to make a cute minimal wall hanging? Pleeaaaasssseeee?' She wants it for over her bed as 'a piece of you with me in San Antonio.' 
(She will be moving there this summer to finish her studies) 
She sent these as examples.
The bottom one is a mural done by an artist friend.
I thought that it would give me a good opportunity to use some of my natural dyed fabrics that I hand dyed last summer. So after pulling them out and searching for more inspiration, I came up with a plan. 
I used 5 of my hand dyed fabrics and some Kona cottons. The yellow in the sun was dyed with turmeric, the orange/red is dyed with madder root, the orange/brown is madder root with soda ash, the yellowish brown is avocado with iron and the gray is dyed with black beans. The blue Kona is Prussian, the gray is med gray and the borders are white. The piecing was a little tricky but I did it without much waste! The inverted V could be interpreted as a mountain or as shelter. 
The backing is a lovely yellow/orange from the Sunny Splash Collection my Lecien. The machine quilting is all straight stitched 1/2" apart except the gray which is 1/4". The finished size is 36" x 44".
I love this wallhanging (I love when I step out of my comfort zone and try/learn new challenges) 
and most importantly, so does my daughter! 
Thanks to my hubby for being the quilt holder!
I also worked on 2 more of my Quiet Play Pattern Club 2019 text and one picture! Last post I asked for recommendations as to which color I should do the next text block in. Light pink was chosen so here it is! The word cut with the rainbow scissors picture block.  
Here are all the text blocks together so far!
Only one more to go! Which color next? Light blue or light purple? 
Make is dark purple
Here are most of the picture blocks.
I made one more that I used a light blue background because I used white for the cloud. I will either remake that block with a white background or chose a different block. Many bonus blocks were included in the pattern club.
What have you been working on?


  1. Manifest is magnificent!! What a wonderful design, and I love that you used your own dyed fabrics. Your loving hands are in every part of this quilt; no wonder your daughter loves it so much :)

  2. Hi Dawn! Oh, I love what you made for your daughter. How can you say no when she wants a piece of you with her?!! Really nice job and use for those hand-dyed fabrics. DH did a fabulous job as a quilt holder. Maybe he's had previous experience?!! LOVE the pink CUT block, especially with the scissors. Hmm. It's a hard call about the next color. You have 2-blues, 2-greens, 2-yellow, 2-pinks, 1-red and orange, 1-purple. So, my vote goes for a purple. I look forward to seeing how these all go together. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Neat quilt for your daughter, Dawn!!! Looks Japanese-y to me, so the Lecien fabric fits right in with that theme. I love that she loves it!!! Perfect! And your rainbow words!!! Wow! And then I saw the rainbow objects--super wow!!! I vote for purple, if I get a vote.

  4. Manifest is amazing! That will be such a great way to take a little extra love with her!

  5. I ended up rereading the first paragraph 3 times. My brain kept seeing “animal” quilt and the photos did not make sense. Yikes! It was past my usual bedtime!!
    It’s a great interpretation of the friend’s mural! Your quiet play words are so cool!

  6. Your blocks are amazing. And what a beautiful quilt you made for your daughter.


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