Friday, July 23, 2021

A small finish and a big makeover

 A while back, between working on the Costa Rica quilt, I got this book out of my library.

I have always been intrigued by these amazing quilts when I have seen them at quilt shows. Susan @QuiltFabrication showed this design on her blog. It was simple enough to do as a table runner and the size was preferable to the one in the book. 
I choose to do small before making a large quilt as they looked complicated.
I choose 3 Kona blues from my stash and Kona silver for the background. 
This method of 3D quilts is made with triangles. You sew each column of triangles together rather than rows. 
Using 3" triangles, this table runner finishes at 15 1/2" x 47 1/2". I straight line quilted 1/4" around each color area ~ simple but effective. 
I used a backing from my stash. 
I think I may make some placemats to go with this table runner. I'm not sure how much of the backing I have left but I'm sure I can find something. 😆
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But that will happen after this is done!
My sewing room makeover!
This is where I sew.
It is a small room in our basement. It is carpeted with a berber, the same as the family room part of our basement. 
It is chock full of sewing and crafting supplies, fabric, books etc. besides my sewing, cutting and ironing stations.
Amazingly, I usually can locate anything in my room pretty quickly. 
However, carpeting is not the best flooring for a sewing room. I am pretty diligent about picking up dropped pins and needles and I have a rule to always wear shoes in my sewing room but there is an occasional pin that drops without my knowledge. Also, threads and fabric cuttings are difficult to keep cleaned off the floor. 
...this is the current status of my sewing room. We will be laying a laminate flooring down that can easily be swept and washed. 
So where did all the stuff go?
Yikes! That's a lot of stuff but it did give me the opportunity to weed through some things that I no longer want or need (much of it donated to me.)
My sewing machine and ironing station was moved up to a spare bedroom, and my cutting station is the dining room table. I do have a commissioned project that I'm working on. More on that later and an update on our progress.


  1. Your table runner turned out great looking. I love the bright blues. It really does look like a fun pattern to piece together. How awesome to have a sewing studio makeover! I’ve had both, a bare floor and carpeted floor for sewing and I’ve always preferred a carpet floor. Can’t wait to see your big reveal when it’s done.

  2. That's a great design for your table runner. Smart move making small before committing to large!

  3. Very pretty and modern runner! How exciting to redo your sewing room and hopefully you'll still find what you're looking for. It seems when I reorganize then I can't find things sometimes, but better to be tidy and organized for sure. I have carpet in my sewing room now but will probably go for wood floors some day.

  4. That table runner is awesome!! placemats to match would be cool.! And yay - what a fun makeover for your sewing room!!

  5. Pretty and bright runner, I love it! Good luck with making a new floor to your sewing room.


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