Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthdays and more

In my last post I shared about the Posy Needle Case Swap and how much fun swaps are! Do you know what is more fun?  Winning a giveaway, especially a surprise one!  This is what came in the mail all the way from The Netherlands!  

Heidi from All My Scattering Moments picked random winners from comments made on her surprise finishing giveaway.  I made a comment on a specific post about one of her quilts and that was her secret giveaway post.  What FUN!

I have also been busy with hand made gifts for some very special kids in our life! Here is a picture from the girl's birthdays celebration.  [We missed Tieg's birthday as we were on vacation.]

Klara [8], Tieg [6], and Greta [10] ~ sisters and cousins!

For Tieg, I made this cute Tic Tac Toe on the Go game board. You can make one too here!

For Greta and Klara, I made cute quilted portfolios for writing and drawing with plenty of supplies! These are from here. I added a magnetic clasp so all the supplies didn't fall out.  Note: add the clasp before you bind. A button clasp would be cute also!

These little projects were thrown in between my July/August goals but I have been working on my quilting goals.  I sandwiched my red and white quilt and started the quilting! I also worked on the design layout for my stitchery quilt.  I think I'm satisfied with it.  Now I need to start gathering fabrics! How are your goals coming along?

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  1. You are so very welcome Dawn! I loved being able to use up the scraps from my QAL quilt to make gifts to surprise a few people. I love giving gifts to people. It makes me feel good inside. Enjoy using your needlebook. I have one I keep on my table to use with both my quilting and stitching needles in it. I even keep the last page full of regular pins in case I need one while I am sewing.

    I love your gifts you made. I have never heard of chalk cloth before. I do not think I can get that here in Holland. That is such a cute idea. And the quilted portfolio is one tutorial I need to keep. I have to make a secret sister gift and wanted to make mine a portfolio for taking her quilting along. This is perfect with a few minor changes to the pockets to hold her ruler and rotary cutter.

    Have you been having more success with hand quilting? I hope so and hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do! I might do some quilting today. I was stitching yesterday (you can see part of it on my blog now) so it will be nice to switch to quilting again.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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