Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In results and more!

Thursday evening, I finished the binding on my Red & White quilt!  My Friday morning started with washing and photographing it.  I still have yet to label it and this is my dilemma. Can you help? I like to name my quilts but I am having a little difficulty with coming up with just the right name.  This pattern is a old traditional block called Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  I could name it that and be done but it doesn't seem right.  I have been calling it my Red & White quilt but that just isn't creative at all.  Some ideas have been: Jumping Jacks (due to one of the patterns it makes with arms and legs stretched out), Twist and Shout, A Kusama Happening (after a famous Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama that has an obsession with red and white dots). What do you think?  I would love to here your opinions!

For FNSI, I worked on making 2 new pillows for our living room.  We recently hung new curtains and I wanted to add some more contemporary throw pillows.  I didn't want square pillows but I couldn't find pillow forms in the size I wanted so I bought a child size body pillow (15" x 36").  I then cut that down in half to make 2 - 15" x 18" pillows.  Using some left over fabric from curtains I made for my daughter's room, I cut 1 - 15.5" x 18.5" and 2 - 15.5" x 14" pieces for each pillow.  Using my computer,  I printed the words family and friends onto some coordinating fabric from my stash.  I then cut those letters out and fused them to the right side of the 15.5" x 18.5" piece of fabric and then machine appliqued around each letter.

I then stitched the backing pieces (overlapped) and the front piece together and stuffed the pillow forms in and they were done! I really how they like the look!

The charcoal gray gives a little update to my pink and blue (a little outdated) room.  This will have to do until we can afford something else.  I'm happy with it!

There was still some evening left so I continued working on my stitchery needle case from Kaaren over at  The Painted Quilt.  I'm loving it.  Only a peek as it is not yet done as you can see!

Now I will be spending some time visiting other FNSI blogs to see what you all have been creating!



  1. m-m-m ideas for a name
    "Opposites Attract" or "Opposites Attract in Red and White" or "Different Paths in Red and White" or "Thinking of Kusama in Red and White Time" - maybe my ideas (brain storming) will bounce you to your towards a name. By the way your quilt is absolutely wonderful and the rest of you creations and quilting doings are so good to read about. Thanks for the sneak peek at Kaarens pattern - I have that one on my to do list!

  2. Look at you go girl! Love your quilt - I like Jumping Jacks the best for the name! And, I also like "Opposites Attract"! Your pillows are too cute - and I love your little stitchery project! Way to sew!!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. I love it, and I am a big fan of how could I not? And the pillows, great ideas there.

  4. Hi Dawn! Got your e-mail and sent a reply to you, but it came back a few days later -rejected as spam - so thought I'd try here! It should be on it's way to you shortly! Hope all is going well - love all your projects!

  5. the red & white quilt looks good! i have been a little lazy in the blogging world lately. sorry it took me so long to notice! And the living room looks great! I'm glad you changed the curtains and added a little neutral to everything. love it. IF you get rid of the rug for some reason... i want it!


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