Friday, August 27, 2010

Christmas Sew Party

The Charming Girls' Quilt Club will be sewing tomorrow at the Christmas in August Sewing Party.  I have decided to make some snowflake blocks.  They are part of the Frosty Flakes BOM  from Dawn Hay over at As Sweet As Cinnamon.  I haven't been able to start these yet and there are already 4 blocks!  They are very little hexi  (1/2") snowflakes.  I have picked out fabrics from my stash (scraps from my Christmas A-Z sampler), cut out my hexi templates and downloaded the patterns.

I'll update with pictures tomorrow! See you then!

I got started this morning on block one of Frosty Flakes. Here this the fabric I choose and my supplies ready to go!

Look at those tiny hexis!
After cutting out seven red hexagons, I started hand stitching them until they were all together like a flower.  I then appliqued the flower to the center of my 6 1/2" block.

And finally added stitchery and beads! The first block is finished 3 to go!
Very cute!
[Sorry for the not so good picture.]  

UPDATE 2: So after lunch, [my hubby was still at his bee job and daughters away], I continued with Frosty Flake Block 2.  Here are some pictures.

And the finished block!  This one is quite fancy!

And a better picture of Block 1.

I'm going to prepare the next 2 blocks for our trip to take our D3 back to school tomorrow.                   By the way, I've heard...these hexis are addicting!                        Yep, I can see why!!


  1. I've been watching as she posted the snowflakes -- they're so pretty! Have fun playing/sewing/partying today! :)

  2. How fun! I was over at Dawn's blog - and those are so cute! Can't wait to see more! So glad you're sewing with us!

  3. oh those little baby hexies are so cute! great project!

  4. Love your blocks - so pretty! I can see why they're addictive! Nice job!

  5. All I can say is your blocks..thanks for sharing..blessings

  6. The snowflakes are so pretty. Love your hexies.

  7. What pretty snowflakes....beautiful!


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