Friday, January 8, 2021

A lot has been happening here!

A new year and new month brought new projects! I continued working on my PINK Wonky Shoo Fly blocks. I now have 10 ~ 6 1/2" blocks. 

I'm having fun using up some of my smallest scraps! I will link up to Scrap Happy on Saturday over at SoScrappy. 
Kat over at Kat & Cat Quilts posted the Covered in Love block for the January and February. It is a 13" string quilt. The strings need to be of one color family except for one strip which should be a contrasting color. 
            Here are my blocks ~ blue with and orange contrast and red with a blue                 contrast. These blocks are sewn onto an oversized batting foundation piece and cut to size.
     On Monday, January 4th, the #ShoalSewalong with Nicholas Ball of       @QuiltsintheAttic started. Week one is all about the fabric pull and 
the start of cutting the pieces needed for the fish block. This is an 
improv sewalong so the size and number of pieces needed is really 
up to you. Nicholas suggested some colors for your fabrics and his 
quilt in his book is basically a 2 color quilt so you could use whatever 
you like! I pulled fabric from my stash that I bought at a lecture by 
Amy Walsh from Blue Underground Designs as my focus fabrics. 
added some batiks from my stash. The deep blues are for the 
background water. 
Here is a very basic layout of the rectangles, squares, and triangles needed for the fish blocks! 
Week Two will include sewing these improv fish!
Linking to Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop?, Peacock Party @ Wendy's Quilts and More, Finished or Not Fridays @ Alycia's and Friday Foto Fun @ Powered by Quilting. 
The January instructions for the Moorwood Mystery Quilt by Meadow Mist Designs was released yesterday. This month we put together a block using some of the units that were sewn in previous months. I am excited to see how this one comes together!
There are 15 of these blocks. 
I joined some friends of mine to do some charity quilting yesterday. My friend, Marylyn, fosters many tiny kitties that are abandoned by their mammas. The shelter had a quilt that was donated to them and needed it to be cut down in size. Since it was a large square, I cut it down into 4 smaller quilts. I then set out to rebind the 2 sides that were now unfinished. Here is her little kitty helping us.
Now to hand stitch the bindings on the smaller quilts. 
Each of us took one home to finish!


  1. You have "hooked" some pretty fish there.

  2. Great projects, Ilove your pinkblocks, and these fishes are cute!

  3. Such sweet Wonky Shoo Fly blocks for the RSC, Dawn!! I really didn't need to see that Shoal QAL- I just got Nick's book last week. (Ugh... I already thought up a name for the quilt I could make!)

  4. Wow!! you had such a great week! the shoo flys are too cute - and the fish!! those are really neat!

  5. The pink shoofly blocks are perfect fot small scraps of RSC color of the month. Cute fish blocks.
    So nice to have the help of that beautiful kitty.

  6. Charity sewing is always a nice thing to do, and the kitty supervisor looks to be keeping a watchful eye in you!

  7. Congratulations on using your smallest scraps, they look great!

  8. Hi Dawn! What a great way to start the new year with lots of projects and fun. Oh, I have to head over to CiL. I've never made any string blocks before I made some for her. Happy New Year! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. You are have a lot going on. Those fish blocks sure look like a lot of fun and are oh so colorful.

  10. Your PINK Wonky Churn Dash blocks are really cute but I'm really intrigued with the Shoal SAL. Love your blocks and potential fish!


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