Sunday, January 10, 2021

Some Hand Stitching

 I have started a couple of hand stitching projects. The first are some tumbler blocks using the EPP method. Most of the ones I have done so far are pinks since I was playing with my pink scrap bin it seemed the easiest. 

I don't really have any solid plans for these but it is nice to have a hand stitch project to work on.

The second project is my embroidery hoop project. I drew this several months ago but wasn't sure of the colors for the embroidery. My daughter helped me with the                color scheme and the choosing of threads from my stash.                                                    (Yes, I also have an embroidery thread stash)                                            I started embroidering the flowers using this little book and some                YouTube videos to refresh my skills. 

Slow but steady! No deadline for this one. 
I'm linking to Slow Sunday at Kathy's Quilts.


  1. I love your embroidery flowers i look forward to seeing the piece progress. Those tumbler pieces look so neat, I am now wondering if Pink is the unofficial color for January 2021 I know 5 other bloggers using pink for their projects this year.

  2. Dawn, your drawn design is adorable! The colors you’ve stitched so far are a great choice. I did crewel stitching when I was quite young. I wish I still enjoyed hand stitching...but I don’t. Ha! Your tumbler pieces look like a great start.

  3. Those pink tumbler EPP's are pretty. You sound very organised with your scraps. Such a lovely little stitchery you are starting. Those flowers are sweet and love the word "thankful". Enjoy your hand stitching.


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