Monday, January 11, 2010

Knitting Club

Although I started this blog to track my progress on 'the quilt', I will periodically post some of my other projects. So today's post will be about knitting.

On Monday evenings a group of ladies from our church get together at the local Panera and knit.  Or mostly.  I'm not sure if a whole lot of knitting gets accomplished but we do love to visit.  It is pretty informal.  Come if you can and knit, or just visit, or sew, scrapbook, etc.  and leave when you need to...

This year I set the goal to teach myself entrelac knitting.  Entrelac knitting is a technique that creates a fabric of diamonds and triangles.  By knitting in different directions, the end result looks like the piece has been woven.
I searched for a pattern that was easy enough to use to learn the technique but interesting enough to hold my attention.  I will be making a headband and using a variegated fiber rather than changing yarns.  Here are some pictures.

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