Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mariner's Compass project

Today I started to sew the compass rose together...but before I get to my progress I want to clarify something I said in my very first post.  I stated how making a mariner's compass quilt scared me to death.  My husband can't understand this but of coarse he isn't a quilter.  I am quite particular when it comes to how my quilts come together.  Corners should match, points should be pointed, etc.  If you are a quilter, I think you will understand.  The mariner's compass quilt relies on accuracy.  There is little room to fudge and oh so many points. So what I am afraid of is...failure in my own eyes.  I'm sure my husband will love the quilt even if some points are not perfect.

Now for my progress after day 2...  

Points were coming together pretty well!  Next  is to sew the sections together to make the complete compass without the center piece. That is added later.  Here is a preview.
With every project, I want to learn something new.  So what have I learned?  With this many points and seams coming together, seams need to be pressed open.  As a quilter, I generally press seams to one side but I quickly learned that points and seams become bulky.

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