Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mariner's Compass Quilt and a little more...

Today I finished piecing the last compass rose in the blue colorwave.  That's 4!  I decided I needed a little break to do something else before starting the next colorwave.  What will it be...yellows or greens?  Hmm...
Any ways, since I started blogging, I have become aware of this whole new world of quilters from around the world.  I have been reading this one blog from Sweden,  kviltstina.  This lady is quite talented and an inspiration.  On her blog is a free download for Valentine blocks.  She gave no instructions with them but wants to see what comes of them.  So that was what I did for my break.

I decided to use her design and also the words from another block download.  I combined the heart from Kviltstina and the word LOVE from gailpandesigns to make a journal cover. 

Let me back up a daughter, Kirsten, makes journals for an organization called Bound 4 Freedom.  I wanted to make a journal cover to help out and I tried sewing on paper.  Never did that before but it was fun to design and create something for a good cause.  I have made several different ones.  I just make the cover and she puts them together and binds them into journals.  I actually have not seen any of mine finished (my daughter lives in Indiana while attending college) but she has been excited about them.

So here is a picture of the finished cover.  Sorry the picture is so bad but I ran out of daylight and my flash caused a glare.  The paper is a marble green and the stitching is in rose, pink and dark green. Pretty isn't it?  I will bring it to my daughter this weekend when we visit!  Maybe I'll do this block (and the others) again using material. I never actually did any hand stitching in my quilts...something to think about.  So the next colorwave for the mariner's compass is... yellows!  


  1. this looks so good!!

    i'm so so excited to see it!

    also, i would love to show you the finished journals but all of them got bought from the gallery sale!

  2. Also, this made me very excited. A beautiful cover.

  3. Hi there Dawn...

    Thankyou for the wonderful and nice words you said about me.. little me..:O) I just love how you have used the heart and make something totally different... thanks for the inspiration.... :o)
    Hope you dont mind me answering here.. you were set on noreply so I couldnt email you... which easily changed in your profile and make your email visible... :o) Thanks for showing..


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